Business of Cemented Carbide Association in CTIA

· To provide information and suggestion to the related decision-making section of the government and CTIA by investigation and market research.

· To study the development trends and strategy of China hard metal industry from production, processing and export trade according to both the domestic and international market.

· To constitute and carry out the industry rules to regulate the industry activities and maintain fair competition, to safeguard the benefits of members and the industry.

· To report the rational request of the member to related government section, to safeguard the legal rights and interests.

· To edit and print the industry data by carrying on the industry statistics and economic activities analyzing, such as “ China Cemented Carbide Industry Stat. Yearbook ” , etc, which can offer the basis for the enterprises to arrange the production and management.

· To provide the information and technology consulting service, attend and organize domestic and international exchanging and cooperation on economy and technology.

· To assist the related section of the government and CTIA in various work, such as industry standard constituting, industry statistics, seniority checkup, project argument, etc.

· To hold the training courses and lectures on technology and management for the member enterprises to promote the quality of personnel.

· To bring out periodical “ Cemented Carbide ” , “ Hard Metal Briefing ” , provide technology and market information for member units.

We would like to cooperate with enterprises and personnel interested or involved in hard metal to promote China hard metal industry!

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